The following are testimonials from Brenda Judy’s satisfied clients along with links to works that were completed on their behalf, as well as the description of services rendered.

“As I embarked upon the daunting task of publishing my first book, I was fortunate to have found Brenda Judy to edit my manuscript. Brenda is a phenomenal, professional editor who made my manuscript so much better. She did a thorough job as she gave her full attention to every detail of my story. In addition, she made valuable suggestions along the way and communicated with me on a regular basis. Brenda took my manuscript, removed the scratches and dents, added power to it, polished it, and made it road ready. She always made time to answer my many questions, and her skills are outstanding. I am just grateful I found her, and there is no one else that I will entrust my future manuscripts to for editing services.” ~Lucille Procopio, author of:

Chelzy Stone’s Mystical Quest in The Lost and Found Game – Editor

“Brenda Judy is certainly one of the best editors available, but her intense attention to details she gives a project creates a large gap between her services and other services. Do not use any of the ‘Big House’ self-publishing agencies. I will flat out tell you they do not care about your book; Brenda Judy will care about your book! My writing went from repetitive commonality to extraordinary work with Brenda’s beautiful criticisms and helpful advice. She is timely and very realistic about deadlines for any work. Whether you need fast work, technical work, or that personal touch for your project, I only recommend Brenda Judy.” ~Jodean Petersen, author of:

The Phoenix Bearing Pearls: A True Story of Triumph Over Abuse, Loss, Addiction and Self-Destruction – Developmental Editor

“Brenda Judy, to me, was much more than a copy editor. When she needed clarification of a concept, she asked for one. When she saw I was missing a concept, she brought that to my attention. In order to understand my second book, she actually bought a copy of my previous book in order to understand the new one. She also offered to reorganize the book for better continuity. To me, Brenda was more like a writing partner than an editor. She went way beyond the call of duty. Brenda actually retyped all my research articles in Word for easier reading. I would strongly recommend Brenda Judy to anyone needing copy editing services regardless of your expertise.” ~Daniel J. Goldstone, author of:

I Beat Cancer Holistically: Protocols for Breast, Colon, Lung and Prostate Cancer – Developmental Editor

“As a first-time author, I was not sure what to expect from an editor but, as I began working with Brenda, I quickly connected with her and trusted her savvy advice. Her extensive knowledge, insightful recommendations and honest, matter-of-fact approach turned my book from something good to extraordinary! Because of Brenda, I had an incredibly positive experience taking my book from draft to print; she was there for me during every step of the way. I will always be grateful to her for taking my book so seriously and patiently bringing it up to its potential.” ~Sybil Henry, author of:

Style Yourself Over 40, 50 & Beyond: Create the “After” You’re After – Developmental Editor

“As a technical article writer prior to my book, I had a great deal of interaction with editors. I was concerned about how much this process would change since Brenda would be a third-party editor not knowledgeable of the business. My concerns were quickly dashed since her suggestions were sound and thoughtfully considered despite the rather technical nature of my book. There is no question that the final book is several orders of magnitude better than the initial copy. Brenda’s efforts were the dominant influence in this transition. I highly recommend her as a book editor, and there is no doubt that she will be the editor of my next book.” ~Paul Ingevaldson, author of:

The 9 1/2 Secrets of a Great IT Organization: Don’t Do it Yourself – Editor

“Brenda Judy is the best. As long as she works with us, we’ll go nowhere else! Brenda has been key to our magazine’s progression and growth, and we wouldn’t be able to do it without her. She works directly with personnel across all departments, not just only editorial, and is found to be an asset to all. We are pleased to have her as part of our team; now and in the future.” ~John Pack, Publisher, Mexico Living

“Brenda Judy is one of the most skilled editors I have had the pleasure of working with in twenty years of writing professionally. I could ramble on about sentence structure, eye for detail, grammatical usage, and team-spirit, but the bottom line is this: She is able to translate the gibberish I bang out into cohesive, comprehendible text WITHOUT removing my ‘country charm,’ or my writer’s voice being lost in the translation.” ~Dusty White, author of:

How to Get ANY MAN to do ANYTHING You Want! – Editor

The Easiest Way to Learn the Tarot—Ever! – Developmental Editor

Carmilla – Proofreader (Reprint – editing only done for obvious errors in the original)

Advanced Tarot Secrets – Editor

“I thought I was detail oriented until I started working with Brenda Judy. She catches more errors than most and always has good input for making something you’re working on even better. If you’re looking for objective and honest input, look no further. So, if you want your article, book, magazine, or whatever to look professional and be as close to perfect as possible, Brenda Judy is the person you want. I never have any qualms recommending Brenda to other authors I know.” ~Gary Slavin, Trainer, Consultant, and author of:

Plan Your Success: Turn Your Dreams Into Reality – Proofreader, plus interior book design format and layout

“Aside from being a strong writer, Brenda Judy’s project management skills, understanding of web-based advertising and fixation on making sure the final product is perfect makes her the ideal outsource partner. I strongly recommend her!” ~Adam-Paul Smolak, Chairman and CEO of Enjoy International

Institute Fall 2010 Program Guide – Writer

“Brenda Judy was professional, efficient, thorough and paid attention to detail. She goes above and beyond what’s expected of her. Very nice job. I will use her again and I recommend her to others.” ~Cythina Perkins, M.Ed., Mental Health Counselor and author of:

Get Sober Stay Sober: The Truth About Alcoholism – Editor

Living Life to the Fullest: Creative Coping Strategies for Managing Chronic Illness – Editor

What Your Psychologist Hasn’t Told You About Anxiety & Depression – Editor

Mindfulness Over Migraines: Stop Your Migraine in Minutes . . . Naturally and Affordably – Editor

Mindfulness Over Chronic Pain: Eliminate Your Pain in Minutes . . . Naturally and Affordably – Editor

Break Your Sugar Addiction Today: Eliminate Your Cravings and Enjoy a Sugar-Free Life – Editor

“Brenda has gone well beyond our agreement and my expectations on every aspect of my projects. She is a joy to work with, punctual, professional, creative and an excellent communicator.” ~Nancy Desjardins, Registered Nutritional Consulting Practitioner, Registered Holistic Nutritionist

Fat Burning Detox Program (E-book) – Editor

7 Day Sugar Free Diet (E-book) – Editor

Other recent projects:

When Wolves Cry: The Hunters, by Chris Africa – Editor

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